Children and Chiropractic Care

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Dr. Michael Berovic has years of experience in treating infants and children, at Berovic Chiropractic Clinic we always try our best to mold our treatment plans based on a childs development stage. To better understand why infants and children need chiropractic care at an early age, lets take a closer look at the skeletal structure. Human Skeletal Bones model in response to outside physical stresses placed upon them (a concept known as Wolff’s Law) and proper joint motion is need to distribute these forces for optimal bone development (especially for growing children). There are periods of time when skeletal growth is accelerated (commonly known as Growth Spurts) during which balance in the muscles and joints is especially important. Dr. Michael Berovic helps make sure there are no structural restrictions or imbalances during this crucial growing time.

Dr. Michael Berovic believes in the importance that the growing children’s spine and nervous system needs to be cared for just like an adult. It is important to have your children checked as infancy and childhood are impressionable times of rapid growth and development of the spine and nervous system. Dr. Michael Berovic examines and evaluates proper movement, function, and alignment of the child’s spine. Adjustments remove vertebral fixations (joints that are “stuck” and not moving properly) which reduces inflammation and interference to the nervous system. The nervous system controls all of the functions in the entire body. By having children’s spine checked by Dr. Michael Berovic, you are maintaining the health of your child’s entire body, naturally too! Berovic Chiropractic Care is gentle and safe. Only light force is needed when adjusting an infant or child’s spine.

Chiropractic Child Care

Children’s nervous system is also developing at a rapid rate. The nervous system includes the brain, the spinal cord, and all the millions of nerves that serve every inch of your body and control most of its functions. Just like the bones need proper joint motion for optimal development, so do the nerves in order to develop optimal communication (or innervation). Berovic Chiropractic adjustments facilitate optimal nervous system function, which contributes to your child’s overall health is amazing ways.

The amount of force used to adjust an infant is comparable to the amount of force you use to test a ripe tomato at the grocery store. Those of you with kids know that they are certainly able to withstand a lot more pressure than that. Dr. Michael Berovic always take care with a very gentle touch and will treat children with the utmost of care. It is never too early to bring your child to the Berovic Chiropractic Clinic. Infants just minutes old are often checked by the loving hands , Dr. Michael Berovic has years of experience handling infants and children. The birthing process is physically strenuous for both mother and baby, so it is best to get them both cared for as soon as possible afterwards.  Children may enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care at any age or stage of development.

Here is a list of common childhood conditions that families have seen great impact from Berovic Chiropractic Care treatments.

  • Ear infections
  • Common Cold
  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Growing pains
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Scoliosis
  • Bed wetting
  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Birthing Trauma
  • Sports injuries (like Little League Elbow)

Dr. Michael Berovic has undergone specific advanced training to be able to address the special needs of infants and children.

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